Today’s Top Three Finds

Here are my top three favorite items I found on Etsy today (in no particular order)! What are your thoughts? Check out the creator’s shop by clicking the links to find even more cute things!

French Poodle Smoking a Cigarette by SodaPopPrints

il_570xN-1.278197860I simply can’t get enough of this chic Frenchy enjoying a smoke in her fancy pearls! I may be a little bias since I own a black poodle of my own, but how could you not be thrilled to receive something as charming as this? The card is blank inside and ships anywhere from the U.S. Buy it from SodaPopPrints for only $4!

Guitar Necklace in Case by TwoPennyLane

il_570xN.340673845I could not tear myself away from this store! It features very original, custom jewelry that is inspired by doll houses. Just under $30, this necklace is made from an authentic doll house miniature and wears slightly tilted upward, just like when you’re playing a real guitar. Keep it safe in its case when you aren’t wearing it (See also the violin version)! You’ll love checking out all the fun things this store has to offer.

Pink Ruffle Gloves by Gertie and Baxter 

il_570xN.495876366_8hreI love how girly and classic these gloves are! At $35, they’re made out of a blend of acrylic, wool, and rabbit so you are sure to stay warm during these cold winter days! The mix of bows and ruffles really sets these gloves off. They are shown in three different colors – pink, black, and tan. I can’t imagine you’d be able to go anywhere without someone complimenting this unique pair of gloves. Be sure to check out G&Bs whole store though, cause there are a lot of cute winter accessories to see! My fave runner up? These adorable leg warmers.








Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to check out my Etsy store. It’s new and small, but slowly growing.

Do you have an Etsy shop? Share a link to your shop in the comments! 

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